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Humble Dragon Dice

Spirit of the Forest

Spirit of the Forest

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Add some flare to your adventures with a Unique Illustrated Sticker from The Humble Dragon! Perfect for sticking on notebooks, dice trays, pressure pots, refrigerators, laptops, DM Screens, Players Handbooks, and oh so much more!!!
These Limited Edition Stickers are custom illustrations that you'll find nowhere else.

Spirit of the Forest Sticker
- 3.4" x 3.7", White Vinyl. Illustration of a mythical chimera. Head of a deer, ears and teeth of a fox, feathers of a turkey, eagle talons on the front legs, and a bushy fox tail which becomes mossy with sprouting Lady Slippers.

*Spirit of the Forest Lore*
Though you may not have seen it, you know what the spirit is. You've sensed it watching you from behind the trees, following you closely to make sure you venture safely and peacefully. You've felt it's presence with every lingering breath as the warm rays of summer shine through the trees. You've heard it's call with every whisper of the breeze over fallen leaves. You have been the spirit every time you stepped down the trail with no destination but where your feet take you.

The Spirit of the Forest is an original mythological creature concept created by Andrew Morgan with the hopes of embodying the sense of peace felt during long walks in New England forests.


Printed Vinyl

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