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What is The Humble Dragon?

There are some who say that there is no such thing as a "Humble Dragon"; and often they would be right. Dragon's are covetous creatures. Filled with greed and a desire to horde their treasures away from the world. But what happens when a Dragon can create it's own treasures? Is it possible that such a Drake might seek to share it's creations with the world? Share it's horde? Could the real treasure of this Wyrm be the very act of creating?

Here at The Humble Dragon, I create Dice and other whimsical arts with the hope of sharing them to a world in need of a good distraction. Whether my creations grace your tabletop adventures or just your table of curiousities, this Humble Dragon seeks to bring wonder to your world!

  • 100% HANDMADE

    Every dice sold in The Humble Dragon Store is meticulously designed, molded, cast, polished, and painted by hand.


    The majority of my products are unique pieces in limited stock. This means that if you see an item you love, best to get it before it's gone.


    All orderes are shipped First Class through the United States Postal Service and insured for the cost of their contents.

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