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Humble Dragon Dice

Owlbear Cub

Owlbear Cub

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Add some flare to your adventures with a Unique Illustrated Sticker from The Humble Dragon! Perfect for sticking on notebooks, dice trays, pressure pots, refrigerators, laptops, DM Screens, Players Handbooks, and oh so much more!!!
These Limited Edition Stickers are custom illustrations that you'll find nowhere else.

2 Available Sizes
Large - 6" x 2.8" - Holographic
Small - 3" x 1.4", Holo-Glitter

*Owlbear Lore*
A well known and formidable creature in the wilds. The Owlbear is well known for it's thick feathers, sharp beak, shredding claws, and high pitched screech. But travelers often forget just how adorable and curious they are as cubs. They are playful and eager to understand their world. This can even lead to cubs becoming bonded with travelers. Though you should be careful, as Mother Owlbears are viciously protective of their young, regardless of a travelers good intentions.


Printed Vinyl

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