• Are your dice balanced?


    All of my dice are crafted with the following fundemental principles to insure balanced rolls.

    - Maintain equivalent Geometry and Symmetry.

    - Avoid the use of Weighted Inclusions.

    - Minimize Voids, Bubbles, and other blemishes.

  • What are your dice made of?

    All my dice are made using 2 Part Epoxy Resin with the addition of mica powders, glitters, metallic foils, resin dyes, and other additives for color/design. I also occasionally use 3d printed resin inclusions, liquid cores, and floral inclusions.

    (NOTE - None of the aforementioned inclusions cause any negative effect to the roll quality of the dice.)

  • Are your dice safe to handle?

    Yes. Resin cast dice require an initial 24 hours to harden plus up to an additional 24 - 48 hours to fully cure. By the time any of my dice enter the shop they have had all that time and more.

    With that being said, avoid placing your resin dice in direct sunlight or heat for long periods of time as this can potencially soften the resin.

    (NOTE: Dice are NOT FOOD. Do not ingest or place dice in your mouth or other bodily cavities.)

  • What's the difference between handmade and mass produced dice?

    When you buy dice from The Humble Dragon, you're getting a piece of art that is truly unique and painstakingly designed. Every handmade item comes with a signed card, detailing it's name and item number, prooving it's authenticity. And where other dice are mass produced in a factory by the thousands, you'll know that your dice were crafted with the utmost care by a devoted artisan.

  • Do you make Custom Dice?

    Yes! Those seeking to purchase custom dice can find a request form at the bottom of most product pages. Once your request has been received I'll respond to you as quickly as possible in order to draft an invoice and begin your order.

    Note - Requests are not a guarantee of an order. They are simply the start of a conversation.

  • Where do you get your Masters and Molds?

    Everything in The Humble Dragon is custom crafted by me. This includes all my dice masters, molds, and inclusions.

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