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Humble Dragon Dice

Mounted Werewolf Head Pins

Mounted Werewolf Head Pins

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"I do not fear the moon, for I have slain it's hound. I mounted the wolfs head on a plaque for all to see."
Custom designed and handcrafted Mounted Werewolf Head Pins exclusive to The Humble Dragon!
Mark yourself as the adventurer you are by carrying the head of a werewolf on your chest.
(Special Thank You to Astin of Sunny Fox Apothecary for Modeling)

* Mounted Werewolf Head Pin *
Yellow Eyed Wolf - A Gray Wolf with hints of silver fur and black nose mounted on a dark wood plaque.
Blue Eyed Wolf - A Gray Wolf with hints of white fur and pink nose mounted on a dark wood plaque.

Make and Dimensions
These pendants are made using a 3D printed UV Resin and then painted.
Standard Black Rubber Pin Backing
Width = 1.25"
Height = 1.25"
Length = 1.25"

Pendant Care
- DO NOT place in mouth. These pendant's cannot and should not be ingested, chewed, or licked.
- Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, moisture, or heat as this can cause wearing of the finish.
- Avoid exerting physical stress on the piece as this can cause breakage of the ears or snout.
- Do not attempt to clean using alcohol or other jewelry cleaners. Doing so will strip the finish. Clean gently with the use of a damp cloth.


3d Printed UV Resin, Acrylic Paint, Stain

Shipping & Returns

USPS Shipping. No Returns, All Sales Final.

Care Instructions

Product has sharp edges.

Fragile. Avoid placing under pressure for risk of cracking or breaking.

Chocking Hazard - Not for children under 3 Years Old. Dice should never be ingested.

Avoid prolonged exposure to uv/sunlight. Cleaning can be done with a soft rag or swab and soapy water. Avoid cleaning with high percentage alcohol unless diluted. 

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