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Humble Dragon Dice

Gilded Mountain Troll Sticker

Gilded Mountain Troll Sticker

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Add some flare to your adventures with a Unique Illustrated Sticker from The Humble Dragon! Perfect for sticking on notebooks, dice trays, pressure pots, refrigerators, laptops, DM Screens, Players Handbooks, and oh so much more!!!
These Limited Edition Stickers are custom illustrations that you'll find nowhere else.

Gilded Mountain Troll Sticker
- 2.5" x 3", White Border. Original Illustration of a Gold Armored Troll carrying a large Bladed Mace.

*Gilded Mountain Troll Lore*
Mountains Trolls are both massive and horrible. Their stench can be smelled for miles around the mountains they call home. But for all their barbarity and grotesquery, they have apparently found a fondness for gold. So much so that certain clans have taken their plundered wealth and smelted it into brilliant gilded armor. While this seems fantastical, don't bear the beasts any credit. It only makes them shine all the brighter in the snow, often blinding them and making them easy target practice for archers.


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