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Humble Dragon Dice

Blood Moon Red Dragon Skull Necklaces

Blood Moon Red Dragon Skull Necklaces

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How do you mark yourself as a true dragon slayer? By wearing the skull of the beast.
Custom designed and handcrafted Dragon Skull Necklaces exclusive to The Humble Dragon!
Mark yourself as the adventurer you are by carrying the skull of a fearsome beast around your neck.

* Dragon Skull Pendants *
Fire Dragon - Dragon Skull with two strait horns, forked nose spike, and large eyes. 
Ice Dragon - Dragon Skull with one large fin-shaped horn and beaked snout. 
Elder Dragon - Dragon Skull with two curled primary horns, many additional head spikes, hooked nose spike, and horned jaw. 

Make and Dimensions
These pendants are made using a 3D printed UV Resin
Width = .75"
Height = 1"
Length = 1.25"
Necklace length = 24" (Note, Cord color may vary from images above)

Pendant Care
- DO NOT place in mouth. These pendant's cannot and should not be ingested, chewed, or licked.
- Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, moisture, or heat as this can cause wearing of the finish.
- Avoid exerting physical stress on the skull as this can cause breakage of the horns or jaw.
- Do not attempt to clean using alcohol or other jewelry cleaners. Doing so will strip the finish. Clean gently with the use of a damp cloth.


3d Printed UV Resin, Acrylic Paint, Stain

Shipping & Returns

USPS Shipping. No Returns, All Sales Final.

Care Instructions

Product has sharp edges.

Fragile. Avoid placing under pressure for risk of cracking or breaking.

Chocking Hazard - Not for children under 3 Years Old. Dice should never be ingested.

Avoid prolonged exposure to uv/sunlight. Cleaning can be done with a soft rag or swab and soapy water. Avoid cleaning with high percentage alcohol unless diluted. 

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