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Humble Dragon Dice

Pickpockets Splendor

Pickpockets Splendor

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"A real thief doesn't need a blade, you know. Ruins the sport. Anyone can pull a dagger and demand coin, but its just so...harsh. It's too blunt for my taste. I prefer a little grace. A little artistry, if you will. A kind conversation. A shared drink in a smoky tavern. Perhaps even a little flirting. Anything to draw the attention away from their pockets as I delicately procure their coins. You see, my friend? It's not so much the money at all. It's the SPORT." 
- The Art of a Pickpocket

- Clear resin with gold and black metallic foil with slight white smoke.
- Black Painted Numbers.
- Full 9 Piece Dice Set , includes two D20's (20 Crit and Humble Logo Crit), Crystal D4, Rhombic D6, D8, Rhombic D12, two D10's (0-9 and 00-90), and Hex Coin D2 (Humble Logo/Dragon Skull)

All my dice are custom designed and handcrafted, making them 100% unique. Each dice is individually molded and polished so that no two dice are ever the same. This also acknowledges that our dice have the occasional small imperfections such as scratches and bubbles, adding to their authenticity.

WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD! Not for children under 3 years.


Epoxy Resin, Mica Powder, Glitter, Resin Dye, Acrylic Paint

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Care Instructions

Chocking Hazard - Not for children under 3 Years Old. Dice should never be ingested.

Avoid prolonged exposure to uv/sunlight. Cleaning can be done with a soft rag or swab and soapy water. Avoid cleaning with high percentage alcohol unless diluted. 

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